Cross Country Cup 2013

Round 1 : Lincolnshire Results

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Junior Boys

Competition 1
116Bourne Grammar School, Bourne
224The Boston Grammar School, Boston
374Bourne Academy, Bourne
476The Deepings School, Peterborough
577Welland Park Community College, Market Harborough
6100University Academy Holbeach, Spalding
7121Manor High School, Leicester
8136Lincoln Minster School, Lincoln

Inter Boys

Competition 1
128The Deepings School, Peterborough
233Bourne Grammar School, Bourne
355Oakham School, Oakham
461The Boston Grammar School, Boston
565Lincoln Minster School, Lincoln
676Manor High School, Leicester
7130University Academy Holbeach, Spalding

Junior Girls

Competition 1
124Bourne Grammar School, Bourne
228Welland Park Community College, Market Harborough
340Manor High School, Leicester
478The Deepings School, Peterborough
589Bourne Academy, Bourne
6110Grantham The Walton Girls' High School, Grantham
7117Lincoln Minster School, Lincoln
8135University Academy Holbeach, Spalding

Inter Girls

Competition 1
134Oakham School, Oakham
238Bourne Grammar School, Bourne
345The Deepings School, Peterborough
464Lincoln Minster School, Lincoln
578University Academy Holbeach, Spalding
691Grantham The Walton Girls' High School, Grantham
7107Bourne Academy, Bourne