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Team Aggregates
Boys Aggregate Team Scores

Liverpool Trophy
1Kent733 pts
2Surrey896 pts
3Sussex1169 pts
4Hampshire and Vectis1398 pts
5West Yorkshire1669 pts
6Hertfordshire1772 pts
7Middlesex1842 pts
8Lancashire1908 pts
9Merseyside1995 pts
10Greater Manchester2133 pts
11London2567 pts
12West Midlands2914 pts

Coventry Trophy
1Leicestershire & Rutland1956 pts
2North Yorkshire2048 pts
3Berkshire2147 pts
4Suffolk2271 pts
5Buckinghamshire2306 pts
6Devon2317 pts
7Durham2497 pts
8Nottinghamshire2865 pts
9South Yorkshire2880 pts
10Derbyshire3007 pts
11Staffordshire3149 pts
12Hereford & Worcestershire3377 pts

Sussex Trophy
1Bedfordshire1461 pts
2Somerset2447 pts
3Dorset2457 pts
4Wiltshire2619 pts
5Cumbria2872 pts
6Cambridgeshire2921 pts
7Oxfordshire3555 pts
8Cornwall3678 pts
Girls Aggregate Team Scores

Lancashire Trophy
1Essex854 pts
2Surrey1002 pts
3Kent1191 pts
4Greater Manchester1398 pts
5Lancashire1485 pts
6West Midlands1805 pts
7Hampshire and Vectis1815 pts
8West Yorkshire1816 pts
9Merseyside1937 pts
10London2147 pts
11Hertfordshire2348 pts
12Sussex2404 pts
13Middlesex2821 pts

Durham Trophy
1Cheshire1541 pts
2South Yorkshire1848 pts
3Berkshire1914 pts
4Durham1916 pts
5North Yorkshire2242 pts
6Avon2405 pts
7Derbyshire2424 pts
8Buckinghamshire2430 pts
9Devon2601 pts
10Northumberland2868 pts
11Suffolk3013 pts

Sidney Rose Trophy
1Somerset2094 pts
2Wiltshire2886 pts
3Oxfordshire2924 pts
4Lincolnshire3039 pts
5Dorset3160 pts
6Northamptonshire3178 pts
7Cambridgeshire3529 pts
8Warwickshire3585 pts
9Norfolk3965 pts