Preliminary Information

A brochure giving details of the 2013 Track & Field Cup competition was posted to schools sometime towards the end of November, and it is also published online here - click the Event Brochure option on the left. The posted copy of the brochure contains a security code to enable you to access the online entry form.

If you haven't received a brochure you can use the contact the ESAA facility on the home page to request us to send it to you. Naturally, we won't send security details to just anyone - you must give a school email address on the contact form so that we can verify who you are, but if we can not do so we will telephone your school directly.

Online entries opened in mid-November and will close on 28th February 2013.

Note that you cannot login via the competition progress link using previous year's login details, those details are not carried over from one year to the next. You need to ENTER your teams first via the online entry form link - you set up your email address and password for this competition when you fill in the entry form.

There are a few important changes to the competition this year:

Cup Final Date

Please note the change of weekend again - Saturday 29th June at Gateshead International Stadium.

Junior Boys

  • Hammer is now 3Kg and can now be done by both year 7 & 8. No points change.
  • 400m is replaced by 300m - for year 8 ONLY - new points table.
  • Year 7 must not take part in Triple Jump or 300m.

Inter Boys

  • Hammer remains at 4Kg but with a new points table.
  • 400m is replaced by 300m - new points table.
  • Javelin is now 600g - no change to the points table.

Inter Girls

  • Javelin - new points table.
  • 300m can now be competed by both years 9 and 10.
  • Triple Jump can now be competed by both years 9 and 10.
Please destroy any copies of existing points tables you might have, and use the new 2013 tables which are published in the menu here. Likewise, you must not use earlier versions of the results program for your competitions - you will need to download the new version which is available on the website for event organisers to download when you login. You will not be able to download entries or upload results to the website using earlier program versions.

The Athlete Progress Monitor program has also been updated - if you use it, you will need to download the new version so that the correct points are shown. It is available to download from your menu when you log in.