Athletes - would you like to help the ESAA?

  • Are you part of your school athletics team?
  • Is your school entered into the Track & Field Cup this year?
  • Would you like to help the ESAA for 10 minutes or so?
If you answered yes to the above questions, then read on...

The ESAA needs to keep in regular contact with schools so that we can keep them informed about our competitions each year - we know that all the athletes really enjoy them. However, we need to remind schools about entry opening and closing dates, and all the other facilities we can offer them too. PE teachers can get overloaded trying to keep track of all the dates for all the various competitions in all the sports they do in school, so they really appreciate us sending them reminders.

In previous years we've sent printed brochures with details of each competition to all schools in the Country, but unfortunately it is now too expensive to create and post these so we need to make more use of email instead.

There are over 4700 secondary schools in England, and although most don't change their postal address too often, many of them regularly change their contact email addresses. Keeping our contact lists up to date is therefore becoming a very time-consuming task for us.

You can help us here. Just think....

This year, there will be over 2370 teams, with over 30,000 athletes, competing in the Track & Field Cup competitions during May and June. If each team checked just two school email address for us we'd have the whole task finished in just a couple of minutes!

We've now created a very simple system to allow pupils to do this for us, by doing a simple internet search using information we provide. We provide links to suggested ways to find the details we need, and it is then simply a matter of clicking the links, finding the details we need, and copying them into our system. It can take less than 30 seconds to locate many email addresses. We know that pupils will find this quite interesting and informative. It can even become slightly addictive... sometimes you can feel cheated if it is all too easy!

If you'd like to help, and your school is entered into this year's competition, please ask the teacher in charge of your athletics team to give you a code to enable you to access the system - they can find that when they log in to the website themselves. Once you have your code, click the button below, this will open a new tab in your browser: