Forms to help you with your competitions

A number of different blank forms are available here.
You can also download pages of numbers for your teams to wear.
They are all in PDF files so that you can print them neatly.
  • Team Entry Forms - these are for use by school teams to declare their athletes and show which events they are doing. Hopefully, these forms should not be needed - schools should enter their teams using the facilities available online and then get a printout from there. However, these forms can be used in cases where schools have not entered teams online. There are two pages here, one for Junior and Inter Girls, one for the boys.
download team entry forms

  • Timekeepers recording slips : there are two versions, one with space for 16 results per slip, one with bigger spaces but only 10 positions per slip.
download 16 results per slip

download 10 results per slip
  • Field Event recording cards : there are two versions, one for throws and horizontal jumps, the other for vertical jumps. However, rather than use blank sheets and filling them in at the event, it will be easier for you to use the forms which are produced from the results program - these will already be printed with the athletes' names and numbers.

    Meeting organisers: the results program which you download for your event has the facility to print your field cards.

download blank field cards
  • Team results forms : these have spaces to record all the performances of each athlete in each team, with space to insert their points, and keep a running total.

    There is space for 3 teams per page. There are 4 charts, two each for boys and girls. The first chart can be used for age groups where track events are held before field events, the second has the field events listed before the track events.

    Forms are printed in the recommended running order of events so that running totals can be kept more easily.

    Note however, that there is also a computer program specially designed to produce the results for the the Track & Field Cup competitions and which is fully integrated with all the online facilities. It would be much better all round if competition organisers used this program instead of using a manual recording system. Meeting organisers and results secretaries can download this program from the menus available when you log in to the competition progress area - you will find full instructions showing how to download and install the program there.

download team results forms

Printing Numbers

This section enables you print off numbers ready to be photocopied on to thick paper or card for your athletes to wear during their competition. Files are in PDF format to print on A4 pages with 2 numbers per page.

Each file below has 2 pages with 2 consecutive numbers arranged as shown on the left, ready to be cut into A5.

1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10
11-12 13-14 15-16 17-18 19-20
21-22 23-24 25-26 27-28 29-30
31-32 33-34 35-36 37-38 39-40
41-42 43-44 45-46 47-48 49-50