Track and Field Schools' Cup Competition Rules

These rules are extracted from the ESAA handbook. In the event of rules being changed, the rules shown in the handbook are definitive - it takes time for changes to be made in all publications and the rules displayed here may not have been modified yet to reflect the most up to date versions.

  1. The Cup Final will be held annually on the first Saturday in July.
  2. Ages. The age groups for the competition shall be
    Junior : 12 years and under 14 years. Intermediate : 14 years and under 16 years.
    Ages as at 31st August at the end of the current school year.
  3. Teams - This competition is for individual school teams and entries must NOT be submitted by neighbouring schools combining to make a team.
  4. The entry contributions for each team entered, which will be determined annually by the Track and Field Committee, must accompany the entry form. Should a school subsequently withdraw a team from the competition the entry contribution will not be refunded. No late or amended entries shall be accepted after the closing date.
  5. The Competition
    1. In all rounds of the Competition, including the Final each participating school must be accompanied by at least one teacher in charge and two competent adults to officiate.
    2. First rounds:
      1. County Cup Secretaries will ask appropriate schools to act as organisers and to stage the meeting at its own school or other suitable venue.
      2. Each participating school will be responsible for supplying its own numbers and pins as designated by the County Cup Secretary (clearly visible black numerals on a white card - size 6in. by 4in.).
      3. The host school will be responsible for the organisation of the Competition and in particular for the appointment of Referee(s) who shall be in charge of all matters appertaining to the rules of the events and who will decide on all appeals.
      4. The final scores for each team shall be agreed by all Team Managers. Result sheets shall be despatched by the organising school to the County Cup Secretary by the stipulated date.
      5. Schools must compete on the prescribed date unless weather intervenes.
      6. Where at least five schools have competed in a first Round match, the winning team will qualify for the Regional Finals. An appropriate number of other high scoring teams will also be included.
      7. In the event of a tie, the premier place will be awarded to the team gaining the greatest number of first places. If the tie still remains, reference will be made to the greater or greatest number of second places and so on.
    3. Regional Finals
      1. Counties will be allocated to one of seven Regions.
      2. The highest scoring winner in each Region will compete in one Regional A Final. All other qualifiers will compete in Regional B Finals.
      3. All schools which have successfully qualified for the Regional Finals will be notified.
      4. The Regional Cup Secretaries will arrange the Regional Finals, appoint organising schools. Each participating school will be responsible for downloading their designated numbers from the ESAA website ( and for providing their own pins.
      5. In the event of a tie the premier place will be awarded to the team gaining the greater or greatest number of first places. If the tie still remains reference will be made to the greater or greatest number of second places and so on.
    4. Cup Final
      1. The winners of Regional Finals A plus the five highest scoring teams nationally will proceed to the Cup Final.
      2. The organisation of the Cup Final is the responsibility of the Track and Field Committee.
      3. In the event of a tie in the Cup Final the team placings shall stand. Where trophies are involved they shall be shared by the teams concerned.
  6. Event Rules
    1. The events for the competition shall be
      • Girls : 100m, 200m, 300m (year 10 only), 800m, 1,500m, 4 x 100m Relay, Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump (year 10 only), Putting the Shot, Throwing the Discus, Throwing the Javelin.
      • Boys : 100m, 200m, 400m (years 8 to 10), 800m, 1,500m, 4 x 100m Relay, Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump (years to 10), Pole Vault, Putting the Shot, Throwing the Discus, Throwing the Javelin, Throwing the Hammer (years 8 to 10).
    2. The recommended order of track events shall be: Hurdles, 1500m, 100m, 200m, 400m (boys only) or 300m (girls only), 800m. All relays shall take place at the conclusion of the programme. Starting blocks are not to be used in any round of the competition.
    3. All field events shall be held before or after all individual track events in each age group.
    4. The order of field events will be determined by local conditions, but the Pole Vault and High Jump should be started as soon as possible, the bar set initially at the height required to score one point, and raised thereafter as competitors require, in accordance with the scoring tables.
    5. In track events each competitor shall be timed separately.
    6. In field events for height each competitor may have up to seven attempts in all, unless before then he/she has failed three times running. A competitor may choose the height at which he/she enters the competition.
    7. In field events for distance each competitor shall be allowed four attempts.
    8. In the triple jump 7 metres, 9 metres and 11 metres take off markings should be available.
    9. In throwing events the following weights will apply

      Junior Boys3.25kg1.00kg600g3.25kg
      Junior Girls3.25kg1.00kg600g
      Inter Boys4.00kg1.25kg700g4.00kg
      Inter Girls3.25kg1.00kg600g
      Note: For detailed javelin specifications refer to rule 28(d)
    10. In all throwing events competitors shall only use the implements provided for general use.
    11. In the Hurdles events conditions shall be

      Junior Boys80m76.0cm812.00m8.00m12.00m
      Inter Boys80m84.0cm713.00m8.50m16.00m
      Junior Girls75m76.0cm811.50m7.50m11.00m
      Inter Girls80m76.0cm812.00m8.00m12.00m
  7. Scoring - Each competitor or Relay Team shall score according to the appropriate performance points table.
  8. Travel - The Management Committee may, in its absolute discretion, make grants towards the travel expenses of schools to Regional and Cup Finals.