Catton Park, Walton upon Trent, South Derbyshire

Saturday 16th March 2013

Information for County Secretaries

Closing date for Entries

Trophies and Cups

If your County is the current holder of a trophy or cup, please return it to the Declaration area, ENGRAVED, CLEAN and ready for presentation.

The current holders are:
BoysTrophy County
Junior Chesterfield Essex
Intermediate Yorkshire Surrey
Senior Derbyshire Kent
Aggregate A Liverpool Essex
Aggregate B Coventry Cheshire
Aggregate C Sussex Somerset
Junior 1st 8 Lockhurst Lane Surrey
Intermediate 1st 8 Newcastle 900 Hampshire and Vectis
Senior 1st 8 Wigan Essex
Junior Rochdale Berkshire
Intermediate Leicester Surrey
Senior A.Foyston Surrey
Aggregate A Lancashire Surrey
Aggregate B Durham Buckinghamshire
Aggregate C S. Rose Wiltshire
Junior 1st 8 Stedman Greater Manchester
Intermediate 1st 8 R. Brown Lancashire
Senior 1st 8 H. Witham West Midlands