Track & Field Cup 2012

Round 2 : South East Results

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Junior Boys

Competition 1
1504The Judd School, Tonbridge
2485Christ's Hospital, Horsham
3456The Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe
4443Woolwich Polytechnic School for Boys, London
5401Trinity School, Croydon
5401Whitgift School, South Croydon
Competition 2
1405Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet
2388Bishop Luffa Church of England School, Chichester
3379Aylesbury Grammar School, Aylesbury
4357Sackville Community College, East Grinstead
5330Heartlands High School, London
6320Hazelwick School, Crawley
7316The Forest School, Horsham
8303William Parker School, Hastings
Competition 3
1432St Ignatius College, Enfield
2421Ravens Wood School, Bromley
3414Enfield Grammar School, Enfield
4392Chatham Grammar School for Boys, Chatham
5381Dover Grammar School for Boys, Dover
6370Wilson's School, Wallington
7358The Harvey Grammar School, Folkestone
8324Wilmington Grammar School for Boys, Dartford
Competition 4
1441Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate, London
2425Grey Court School, Richmond
3406Dulwich College, London
4403Hampton School, Hampton
5389Harris Academy Crystal Palace, London
6365Sutton Grammar School for Boys, Sutton
7355Wimbledon College, London
8333The Chalfonts Community College, Gerrards Cross

Inter Boys

Competition 1
1527Dartford Grammar School, Dartford
2520The Judd School, Tonbridge
3500Whitgift School, South Croydon
4487Christ's Hospital, Horsham
5439Dover Grammar School for Boys, Dover
6431The John Fisher School, Purley
7358Trinity School, Croydon
Competition 2
1422Chichester High School for Boys, Chichester
2419William Parker School, Hastings
3417Hazelwick School, Crawley
4407Reed's School, Cobham
4407John Colet School, Aylesbury
6389The Forest School, Horsham
7375Imberhorne School, East Grinstead
8353Tomlinscote School and Sixth Form College, Camberley
Competition 3
1459St Ignatius College, Enfield
2427Wimbledon College, London
3410Enfield Grammar School, Enfield
4397Waddesdon Church of England School, Aylesbury
5365Wilmington Grammar School for Boys, Dartford
6346The Grange School, Aylesbury
7342The Harvey Grammar School, Folkestone
8337Bishop Stopford's School, Enfield
9308Woking High School, Woking
Competition 4
1458Harris Academy Crystal Palace, London
2452Dulwich College, London
3443Wilson's School, Wallington
4376Hampton School, Hampton
5357Ravens Wood School, Bromley
6340Wren Academy, London

Junior Girls

Competition 1
1399Aylesbury High School, Aylesbury
2385Bromley High School, Bromley
3370St Catherine's School, Guildford
4368Beaconsfield High School, Beaconsfield
5351Guildford High School for Girls, Guildford
6337Chelmsford County High School for Girls, Chelmsford
7336Tonbridge Grammar School, Tonbridge
8308The Lady Eleanor Holles School, Hampton
Competition 2
1362Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate, London
2322Helenswood School, St Leonards-on-Sea
3314Bishop Luffa Church of England School, Chichester
4309The North London Collegiate School, Edgware
5308St Leonards-Mayfield School, Mayfield
6245Farlington School, Horsham
7101Varndean School, Brighton
Competition 3
1338Burgess Hill School for Girls, Burgess Hill
2334Wycombe High School, High Wycombe
3320Dr Challoner's High School, Amersham
3320St Bede's School, Redhill
5310St Anne's Catholic High School for Girls, London
6286Sir William Perkins's School, Chertsey
7258Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School, Sidcup
7258Bishop Stopford's School, Enfield
Competition 4
1396James Allen's Girls' School, London
2333St Paul's Girls' School, London
3322Putney High School, London
4306Grey Court School, Richmond
5293City of London Freemen's School, Ashtead
6291Alleyn's School, London
7274Forest School, London
8272The Winston Churchill School, Woking

Inter Girls

Competition 1
1390Beaconsfield High School, Beaconsfield
2387Wycombe Abbey School, High Wycombe
3382St Catherine's School, Guildford
4365Guildford High School for Girls, Guildford
5361Aylesbury High School, Aylesbury
6356The Lady Eleanor Holles School, Hampton
Competition 2
1344Helenswood School, St Leonards-on-Sea
2341Christ's Hospital, Horsham
3339Hazelwick School, Crawley
4324Bishop Luffa Church of England School, Chichester
5322St Paul's Girls' School, London
6307Imberhorne School, East Grinstead
7282The North London Collegiate School, Edgware
8270St Leonards-Mayfield School, Mayfield
9266Priory School, Lewes
10261Cardinal Newman Catholic School, Hove
Competition 3
1389Burgess Hill School for Girls, Burgess Hill
2372Reigate Grammar School, Reigate
3321Tonbridge Grammar School, Tonbridge
4315Woking High School, Woking
5306Prior's Field School, Godalming
6301Dr Challoner's High School, Amersham
7261Waddesdon Church of England School, Aylesbury
8258Bishop Stopford's School, Enfield
9229Benenden School, Cranbrook
Competition 4
1442James Allen's Girls' School, London
2389Putney High School, London
3313Tomlinscote School and Sixth Form College, Camberley
4236Alleyn's School, London
5232Sir William Perkins's School, Chertsey
6200The Winston Churchill School, Woking