Melbourne Park, Chelmsford, Essex

Saturday 30th June 2012

Preliminary Information

This page will be updated in the run up to the Cup Final as more details become available.

Click the map to find the track at Chelmsford.

Sat-Nav users: the destination postcode is CM1 2EH.

Track Timetable

T111.4575m Hurdles3 HeatsJunior Girls
T211.551500 metres2 HeatsJunior Girls
T312.1080m Hurdles3 HeatsJunior Boys
T412.201500 metres2 HeatsJunior Boys
T512.35100 metres3 HeatsJunior Girls
T612.45100 metres3 HeatsJunior Boys
T712.55200 metres3 HeatsJunior Girls
T813.05200 metres3 HeatsJunior Boys
T913.20400 metres3 HeatsJunior Boys
T1013.30800 metres3 HeatsJunior Boys
T1113.45800 metres3 HeatsJunior Girls
T1214.3030m Hurdles3 HeatsInter Girls
T1314.401500 metres2 HeatsInter Girls
T1414.5580m Hurdles3 HeatsInter Boys
T1515.051500 metres2 HeatsInter Boys
T1615.20100 metres3 HeatsInter Girls
T1715.30100 metres3 HeatsInter Boys
T1815.40200 metres3 HeatsInter Girls
T1915.50200 metres3 HeatsInter Boys
T2016.00300 metres3 HeatsInter Girls
T2116.10400 metres3 HeatsInter Boys
T2216.20800 metres3 HeatsInter Girls
T2316.35800 metres3 HeatsInter Boys
T2416.50Relay2 HeatsInter Girls
T2517.00Relay2 HeatsInter Boys
T2617.10Relay2 HeatsJunior Girls
T2717.20Relay2 HeatsJunior Boys

Field Timetable

F111.00HammerH1 InsideInter Boys
F211.00Long JumpLJ1Inter Boys
F311.00High JumpHJ1Inter Boys
F411.00High JumpHJ2Inter Girls
F511.00ShotInter Boys
F611.00Pole VaultInter Boys
F711.00Triple JumpTJ2Inter Girls
F811.00JavelinJ1 InsideInter Girls
F912.15DiscusD2 OutsideInter Boys
F1012.15DiscusD1Inter Girls
F1112.15JavelinJ1 InsideInter Boys
F1212.15Triple JumpTJ2Inter Boys
F1312.15ShotInter Girls
F1412.15Long JumpLJ1Inter Girls
F1514.15HammerH1 InsideJunior Boys
F1614.15Pole VaultJunior Boys
F1714.15ShotJunior Boys
F1814.15Triple JumpTJ2Junior Boys
F1914.15JavelinJ1 InsideJunior Girls
F2014.15High JumpHJ2Junior Girls
F2114.15High JumpHJ1Junior Boys
F2214.15DiscusD2 OutsideJunior Boys
F2314.15Long JumpLJ1Junior Girls
F2415.30DiscusD1 InsideJunior Girls
F2515.30JavelinJ1 InsideJunior Boys
F2615.30Long JumpLJ1Junior Boys
F2715.30ShotJunior Girls

17.30: Presentation of Certificates and Trophies


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