Gateshead International Stadium

Friday 6th & Saturday 7th July 2012

Post-Event information

Right then...2pm on Monday and we're now back home and starting to unpack everything...that will take at least a day. With over 30 computers, 3 networks, and over 2Km of cable in use during the Championships we need to find the right boxes with the right bits. Once we get our various computers sorted we will then be able to start publishing the following:

Links will be added to the menu on the left as each feature becomes available. (done)

Relay Declarations

Despite the rescheduling of relays heats to be just a few minutes before the TV live broadcast started, County Team managers were absolutely superb in getting their Final relay team declarations in to us within minutes of the heat results being available. Joe Lee would like to thank you all very much for a fantastic response to our requests - we were able to provide the Sky commentators with the names of every leg runner in every relay final 2 hours early, well in time for them to be used in the live broadcast! Joe, and Sky, thank you for your efforts, it makes a huge difference to the professionalism of the live broadcast.


There were a lot of people taking photos at the Championships this year who are making their photos available for sale. However, none of them pay us to advertise on the ESAA website. Some pay to take out adverts in the Championship program but that doesn't include them paying for lifetime publicity on our website. Because of this, it thas been decided that you should simply use an internet search engine to find them.

Search for "ESAA 2012 Photos" or "ESAA 2012 Photographs" - that way everyone selling photos has an equal chance of being found. The ESAA doesn't recommend any one photographer over any other. We get nothing from them and have no control over their quality, so it is up to you to decide from whom you buy photos.