Wollaton Park, Nottingham

Saturday 19th March 2011

Preliminary Information

This page will be updated during the next few weeks as more details become available.
The 51st Boys and 43rd Girls Aviva ESAA English Schools' Cross Country Championship is to take place at Wollaton Park, Nottingham on Saturday 19th March 2011.

Find all information about the park, the hall, and how to get there.

Google Earth: simply search for Wollaton Park.

click the map to find Wollaton Park

To find directions from your home, enter postcode NG8 2AE as the destination.

The preferred directions are to leave the M1 at junction 25, take the A52 towards Nottingham, then simply follow the signs to Wollaton Hall.


Public parking is inside the Park, about 200m or so from the start/finish areas. Nottingham CC appointed officials will be in charge of all parking within the Park. There will be a charge of 4.00 per car.

Please note that Nottinghamshire Police spend a very large proportion of their total budget on traffic police. ALL ROADS within the vicinity of the park will have parking restrictions and they will be very thoroughly enforced. The local Police Station is less than 500m from the Park entrance!

It is a real pain for the residents of Nottingham and it will be even more pain for you if you try to park anywhere other than in the designated parking areas - all the Pub car parks in the vicinity have expensive pay-and-display meters too. Please also note that, despite recent news that many councils are switching off their cameras to save money, ALL the many hundreds of speed cameras in Nottinghamshire will also almost certainly be in operation, sometimes 3 or 4 within a couple of miles.

There will be two routes into the parking areas, both of which will be extensively signposted with AA road signs - further details will be published here in the next day or two.

County Coaches will be parked less than 150m from the start/finish areas.


Race distances are approximate and are subject to change depending on ground conditions - in very wet weather it can become very heavy going in some parts. Full details will be published here shortly.
9.30 am - Course open for inspection.
Wollaton Park is a public park so there are no restrictions
on when you can visit it before the day of the Championships,
subject to normal park opening times.
10.00 am - Declarations open
11.30 am - Officials meeting
12.00 am - Declarations Close and Championship Course should be cleared
12.30 pm - Intermediate Girls Championship
Followed by the Individual Presentation
1.00 pm - Junior Boys Championship
Followed by the Individual Presentation
1.30 pm - Junior Girls Championship
Followed by the Individual Presentation
2.00 pm - Intermediate Boys Championship
Followed by the Individual Presentation
2.35 pm - Senior Girls Championship
Followed by the Individual Presentation
3.05 pm - Senior Boys Championship
Followed by the Individual Presentation


Individual presentations will be made, as each race is completed, at a point near to the finishing area. Please ensure that your Team Stewards as well as competitors know of this arrangement. This does mean that the individual competitor(s) concerned will be presented with their award BEFORE reporting to their County Steward stationed in the finishing marquee.

The site map showing locations of various marquees will appear here in the next week or so.

Competitor lists and closing dates for entries

Lists of all County Teams will be published here during the first week in March as entries arrive. The closing date for team entries is noon on Thursday 3rd March, although this year, to enable final decisions to be taken after the Inter County meetings on Saturday 5th, we will also allow team managers to make one or two substitutions up to 10pm on Sunday 6th March.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that names are spelled correctly, mistakes do sometimes occur. Competitors are asked to check these lists so that their name appears correctly in the programme, on the tee-shirts, and in the results. Everything to do with the event is prepared automatically from these lists so if your name is wrong here, it will be wrong everywhere!

Please ask your friends/colleagues/pupils to check the spellings of their names. Our deadline for corrections was 8am on Monday 7th March. Any corrections received after that time will NOT appear in the programme or on teeshirts. We will try to update here all spelling changes we receive every evening in the run up to the 6th March, but that will depend on when County Managers check their emails and make any necessary corrections. Spelling changes notified to us before Sunday 6th March might appear here (no more will be updated now though) but in any case, all subsequent changes will be carried into our files for results production - please don't keep re-sending emails requesting spelling changes, one email is quite sufficient but we don't have time to reply to them all.

Counties can enter up to 12 athletes in each age group, and 8 are allowed to run in the event. Names published here are not necessarily in selection preference order and your name appearing in these lists DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL GET TO RUN IN THE CHAMPIONSHIPS.

We only publish names here to give you a chance to correct any spelling mistakes. Names published here will always reflect the team managers' current team selection, but the final selection will only be confirmed late on Sunday 6th March after all team managers submit their final team lists. County team managers will make their final team selections in due course and the lucky athletes will be informed either by post or by telephone - you would have been told what your local arrangements are when you filled in your availability forms at the County Championships.

If you find any spelling errors, please notify us immediately giving your County, Age Group, and the correct spelling.

All Counties have now submitted their final team selections which are shown here.

avon    bedfordshire    berkshire    buckinghamshire    cambridgeshire    cheshire    cleveland    cornwall    cumbria    derbyshire    devon    dorset    durham    essex    gloucestershire    greater manchester    hampshire    herefordshire & worcestershire    hertfordshire    humberside    kent    lancashire    leicestershire & rutland    lincolnshire    london    merseyside    middlesex    norfolk    northamptonshire    northumberland    north yorkshire    nottinghamshire    oxfordshire    shropshire    somerset    south yorkshire    staffordshire    suffolk    surrey    sussex    warwickshire    west midlands    west yorkshire    wiltshire    channel islands   

...so why is it so hard to get the spellings right then? Many might just be typing errors, but for interest, in 2009 there were 824 different firstnames, and 2277 different surnames, many of which can be spelled in different ways (even spelled can be spelt in two ways!). Frequently, athletes' names can be passed on to team managers via two or three people, often by phone.

The nature of County teams means that the team managers aren't in daily contact with athletes and quite often they've never come across them before. In such cases it is all too easy to hear a name by phone and spell it as one thinks it should be - sometimes schools don't have the correct spellings in their own files. Some names just have too many spellings - even William Shakespeare couldn't spell his own name consistently from day to day!

Look at some the variations just of firstnames we've seen in recent years - all of these have been verified to be real:

  • Beccy, Becki, Becky, Becy, Beki
  • Darryl, Daryl, Darill
  • Eliot, Eliott, Elliot, Elliott
  • Freddie, Freddy
  • Georgie, Georgy, Georgi
  • Jonathan, Jonathon, Johnathan, Johnathon, Jonothan
  • Kayley, Kayleigh
  • Martin, Martyn, Martainn
  • Mathew, Matthew, Mattheus
  • Michael, Micheal
  • Philip, Phillip, Phillipe
  • Rachel, Rachael, Racheal
  • Rebeca, Rebecca, Rebeka, Rebekah
  • Robin, Robyn
  • Sammy, Sammie
  • Sara, Sarah
  • Stacey, Stacie
  • Stef, Steph
  • Stewart, Stuart
  • Teresa, Teressa, Theresa
  • Thomas, Tomas, Tomaz, Thomass
  • Vicki, Vicci, Vicky, Vikki
  • Zac, Zak

...the list of alternative surname spellings is just too long to publish here but Johnson, Jonson, Johnston, or Johnstone; Thompson, Thomson, or Tompson; and Howarth or Haworth are regulars! Then there's the whole load of Mc and Mac families to recognise.

Finally, thanks to Tom Cox, Ben Cox and Tom Guy who have the easiest names to check!

Course Map

The park is open to the public all year so there is no problem if you wish to view the course before the event.

A view looking back from the finish

(we hope that you won't need to hurdle the family groups)

Notes for Parents

Competing for your County Team can be a life-changing experience for children. For some, it is a stepping stone to future glory. For many, it will be the pinnacle of achievement.

For parents who may be concerned about what exactly is involved, we have prepared a document detailing what to expect, what not to expect, and a few indications of how things are, and why.

Official Merchandise

ESAA event tee-shirts, sweatshirts, and other items will be available at the event from our official suppliers Sportserve.

After the event you can contact them via their website.



Photographs of ESAA events are published in the athletics press, local media, and on this website. All ESAA photographs are taken in accordance with the guidelines relating to photos in schools    published by the Information Commissioner with regard to the Data Protection Act 1998.

Photographs and videos can be taken by the public from public areas for personal use only. They may not be published in any form (including personal or club websites) without written permission from the ESAA.

Photographers at ESAA events wishing to publish photos in the media or in any other form (eg. internet websites), or wishing to use them for anything other than personal use must be officially registered and accredited by the ESAA. A list of officially accredited photographers will be published on this website shortly after the event along with their contact details.

It is not possible to prevent photographs of any particular individual from appearing in the media. If this is a problem for you, you are advised not to take part in the event. If any parent wishes a particular picture of their child appearing on this website to be removed please contact us    and we will do our best to resolve any problem.