Track & Field Cup 2011

Round 2 : East Anglia Results

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Junior Boys

Competition 1
1549Southend High School for Boys, Southend-on-Sea
2519The FitzWimarc School, Rayleigh
3490The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School, Borehamwood
4487Westcliff High School for Boys, Westcliff-on-Sea
5484Robert Bloomfield Academy, Shefford
6480St Bonaventure's RC School, London
7455Great Baddow High School, Chelmsford
8439St Martin's School, Brentwood
Competition 2
1410The King John School, Benfleet
2408William de Ferrers School, Chelmsford
3405Wymondham College, Wymondham
4398Farlingaye High School, Woodbridge
5392Cecil Jones College, Southend-on-Sea
6387Greensward Academy, Hockley
7317Brentwood School, Brentwood
8297Bedford Modern School, Bedford
9275Woodbridge School, Woodbridge
Competition 3

Inter Boys

Competition 1
1564The FitzWimarc School, Rayleigh
2536Southend High School for Boys, Southend-on-Sea
3489The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School, Borehamwood
4481Hitchin Boys' School, Hitchin
5448Sharnbrook Upper School and Community College, Bedford
6444William de Ferrers School, Chelmsford
6444St Clement Danes School, Rickmansworth
8425The Boswells School, Chelmsford
Competition 2
1487The King John School, Benfleet
2468St Martin's School, Brentwood
3458Wymondham College, Wymondham
4439Great Baddow High School, Chelmsford
5433Brentwood School, Brentwood
6432Farlingaye High School, Woodbridge
7409Shenfield High School, Brentwood
Competition 3

Junior Girls

Competition 1
1374Great Baddow High School, Chelmsford
2372The Coopers' Company and Coborn School, Upminster
2372The King John School, Benfleet
4370Chelmsford County High School for Girls, Chelmsford
5334Haberdashers' Aske's Sch for Girls, Borehamwood
6328New Hall School, Chelmsford
7313St Martin's School, Brentwood
8309Robert Bloomfield Academy, Shefford
Competition 2
1385Brentwood School, Brentwood
2322Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School, Brentwood
3314The FitzWimarc School, Rayleigh
4306Ipswich High School, Ipswich
5292Greensward Academy, Hockley
6271Woodbridge School, Woodbridge
7266Wymondham College, Wymondham
8247Holywell CofE VA Middle School, Bedford
Competition 3

Inter Girls

Competition 1
1366Watford Grammar School for Girls, Watford
2360Haberdashers' Aske's Sch for Girls, Borehamwood
3354St Clement Danes School, Rickmansworth
4324Bedford High School, Bedford
5321Ipswich High School, Ipswich
6320William de Ferrers School, Chelmsford
7310Chelmsford County High School for Girls, Chelmsford
8303Bancroft's School, Woodford Green
Competition 2
1387The FitzWimarc School, Rayleigh
2379Brentwood School, Brentwood
3334Wymondham College, Wymondham
4333Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School, Brentwood
5327St Martin's School, Brentwood
6308The King John School, Benfleet
7228Impington Village College, Cambridge
Competition 3