Gateshead International Stadium

Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd July 2011

Latest Update - 8th July is now 10pm Friday night. Sorry for the lack of updates to the website in the last couple of days but we've been working flat out bringing in the harvest. We can't control the weather and because it was so really very sunny over the Championship weekend, when we got back home to France we were immediately commandeered by our neighbours to drive their combine harvester....isn't bread just beautiful, you've no idea just how much effort goes into making it!

There were a lot of other people taking photos at the Championships this year who are making their photos available for sale. However, none of them pay us to advertise on the ESAA website. Some pay to take out adverts in the Championship program but that doesn't include them paying for lifetime publicity on our website. Because of this, it has been decided that you should simply use an internet search engine to find them.

Use a search engine like google or yahoo and search for ESAA 2011 Photos or ESAA 2011 Photographs - that way everyone selling photos has an equal chance of being found - the ESAA doesn't recommend any one photographer over any other. We get nothing from them from their sales and have no control over their quality, so it is up to you to decide from whom you buy photos.

You can also view the gallery of the ESAA website host, Joe Lee, which has 67 photos - unfortunately we bought a nice new expensive camera the week before the Championships and although the photos we took looked good on the camera screen, we found after we'd uploaded them to the computer that we'd not set it up correctly, so most of our photos aren't of good enough quality for us to publish them here.