Heaton Park, Manchester

Saturday 20th March 2010

Results files

Results are available here in PDF format to make it easier to print them. These are subject to confirmation.

It seems that a few athletes were given electronic chips with a different number to the one which was published in the programme for them. The results printed on the day showed the correct names and teams because the results provider on the day noted the changes they were making in their own files. Unfortunately that information was not passed on to us on Saturday so the results published on the website had some errors - these have now been corrected. The errors also affected the Aggregate totals - they have also been corrected now.

Junior Boys Results
Inter Boys Results
Senior Boys Results
Junior Girls Results
Inter Girls Results
Senior Girls Results

Aggregate results

To be listed in the aggregates, Counties must have a complete team finishing in all three of the age groups.
Aggregate team results are split into 3 groups to reflect the size of the Counties as follows: Aggregate Team Results

Picture Gallery

These links take you to a small selection of photos from each race.
Junior Boys Pictures
Inter Boys Pictures
Senior Boys Pictures
Junior Girls Pictures
Inter Girls Pictures
Senior Girls Pictures

To see all the pictures we have view the 2010 Cross Country Championships photo gallery. This gallery will be gradually extended during the weeks following the event as time permits - we have over 1200 photos which all need to be checked and cropped to show them at their best. Keep coming back to see the latest pictures.

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Official Merchandise

We are very pleased to say that our regular merchandise suppliers are once again able to supply orders for commemorative teeshirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and all the other goodies relating to the Cross Country Championships. Please see their website at www.sportserve.co.uk for full details. You can phone them on 0845 230 3322 (9am-5pm, Monday to Friday).