Track & Field Cup 2010

Round 1 : Dorset Results

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Junior Boys

Competition 1
1332Poole Grammar School, Poole
2289Clayesmore Prep School, Blandford
3252Allenbourn Middle School, Wimborne
4182St Edward's RC/Church of England School, Poole
563Bournemouth Collegiate School, Bournemouth

Inter Boys

Competition 1
1495Poole Grammar School, Poole
2371Queen Elizabeth's School, Wimborne
3337Bryanston School, Blandford
4295The Purbeck School, Wareham
5259Poole High School, Poole
692Bournemouth Collegiate School, Bournemouth

Junior Girls

Competition 1
1269The Sir John Colfox School, Bridport
2238Clayesmore Prep School, Blandford
3191Sherborne School For Girls, Sherborne
4163St Edward's RC/Church of England School, Poole
Competition 2
1308Parkstone Grammar School, Poole
2226Allenbourn Middle School, Wimborne
3127Bournemouth Collegiate School, Bournemouth

Inter Girls

Competition 1
1261Bryanston School, Blandford
2257The Sir John Colfox School, Bridport
3237Leweston School, Sherborne
4149Poole High School, Poole
5125The Purbeck School, Wareham
Competition 2
1294Sherborne School For Girls, Sherborne
2293Queen Elizabeth's School, Wimborne
3284Parkstone Grammar School, Poole
498St Edward's RC/Church of England School, Poole
538Bournemouth Collegiate School, Bournemouth