Birmingham Alexander Stadium

Friday 9th & Saturday 10th July 2010

A number of Photographers were on site during the Championships and the following have indicated that they are willing to provide photos for sale, others will be added here in due course. These links are provided purely for your information: the ESAA have no specific links with them, make very little if anything from them, and can not be held responsible for any transactions between you and them. The ESAA specifically don't have an 'official photographer',

Please allow them time to upload their pictures - most won't be available until Wednesday 14th July or later.

Please note that the quality of pictures available will vary - covering everyone in all events is a very difficult task, and some companies need to use photographers who do not necessarily specialise in athletics events. The quality of cameras and lenses used will also vary - the specialist sports photographers use cameras costing many thousands of pounds, so it is obviously not possible to provide 20 or 30 of them!

A selection of photos will also appear on this website over the next week or so as time permits - it takes a long time to view, edit, and catalog pictures and this can only be done in spare time outside of normal full time work. This is a particularly busy time for the ESAA website host so please be patient!
ESAA Website Host
See the gallery created by the ESAA Website Host.

Our team is busy producing results at the Championships and also running all the live data feeds for Sky TV so we can't be everywhere during both days, we therefore don't have photos of all events. However we've taken time to edit each photo and we reject all the ones which aren't so good!

Photos are arranged by Age Group.

Pictures here are available for sale online only - we will email you the original photo file for you to print yourself. We can't post printed copies. You can request photos to be emailed to you at a cost of 3 for the first photo, plus 2 per additional photo. Proceeds go towards the cost of running the ESAA website.

RWT Photography have over 10,000 photos online. Photos are arranged by age group then event.

RWT also have photos available from the Schools Track & Field Cup Final on 4th July.

Gary Mitchell Photography
See his website at

He will have thousands of pictures for sale. Gary edits all his photos before making them available so you may have to wait a few days before he publishes them.

Click the 'main gallery' then scroll down to find ESAA Championship photos - the gallery highlights the most viewed photos first which may not be the ones you want to see. Gary groups photos into different categories like middle distance and sprints and various field events. There's only one of him, so he can't possibly take photos of everything!
See their website at

Photos are arranged in County order. They seem to concentrate more on the field events which is nice, because they are very hard to do with just one camera!
Others may be added here when confirmation is received from them that they have photos for sale, however please be aware that we only publish links to those who contribute to the ESAA.