Stanford Hall, Leicestershire

Saturday 21st March 2009

Provisional Results files

Results are available here in PDF format to make it easier to print them. These are subject to confirmation.

Junior Boys Results
Inter Boys Results
Senior Boys Results
Junior Girls Results
Inter Girls Results
Senior Girls Results

Aggregate results

To be listed in the aggregates, Counties must have a complete team finishing in all three of the age groups.
Aggregate team results are split into 3 groups to reflect the size of the Counties as follows: Aggregate Team Results

Picture Gallery

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Junior Boys Pictures
Inter Boys Pictures
Senior Boys Pictures
Junior Girls Pictures
Inter Girls Pictures
Senior Girls Pictures

We have one commercial photographer who contributes to ESAA funds who offers printed pictures for sale:

Our website host, Joe Lee, also has pictures available at nominal cost which he can email to you. You then have the opportunity to crop the pictures to highlight your own bart or lisa as you wish! This facility also includes an opportunity for you to make a gift-aid donation to the ESAA - that can earn us 25% extra from the know that he doesn't really know what to do with the tax you've already paid so why not tell him to give it to us instead?

Please bear in mind that we rely entirely on sponsorship and the goodwill of our benefactors in order to continue our activities.

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Official Merchandise

ESAA event tee-shirts, sweatshirts, and the 'Famous Names' tee-shirts with all competitors names listed on them, together with lots of other items are available online from our official suppliers Inprints and Sportserve. Find them at their website (or phone them on 0114 250 2752 for further details).