Track & Field Cup 2009

Round 3 : National Results

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Junior Boys

Competition 1
1529Robert Bloomfield Middle School, Shefford
2513The FitzWimarc School, Rayleigh
3506Southend High School for Boys, Southend-on-Sea
4500St Ignatius College, Enfield
5480St Anselm's College, Prenton
6478William Edwards School and Sports College, Grays
7473Langley Park School for Boys, Beckenham
8459Park View Community School, Chester le Street
9449The Coopers' Company and Coborn School, Upminster
10443Northampton School for Boys, Northampton
11440Bishop Wordsworth's Grammar School, Salisbury
12362Castleford High School Technology College, Castleford

Inter Boys

Competition 1
1574Southend High School for Boys, Southend-on-Sea
2572The Judd School, Tonbridge
3508The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School, Borehamwood
4501Westcliff High School for Boys, Westcliff-on-Sea
5495Millfield School, Street
6493Forest School, Wokingham
7482Woolwich Polytechnic School for Boys, London
8472Great Baddow High School, Chelmsford
8472Rugby School, Rugby
10468St Anselm's College, Prenton
11455Bourne Grammar School, Bourne
12436Northallerton College, Northallerton

Junior Girls

Competition 1
1400Southend High School for Girls, Southend-on-Sea
2396Aylesbury High School, Aylesbury
3381Guildford High School for Girls, Guildford
3381James Allen's Girls' School, London
3381Brentwood School, Brentwood
6375Robert Bloomfield Middle School, Shefford
7372Central Newcastle High School, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
8364Chelmsford County High School for Girls, Chelmsford
9355Loughborough High School, Loughborough
10341The Portsmouth Grammar School, Portsmouth
11339Kirkham Grammar School, Preston
12334Bourne Grammar School, Bourne

Inter Girls

Competition 1
1425Southend High School for Girls, Southend-on-Sea
2370Millfield School, Street
3367Guildford High School for Girls, Guildford
3367RGS Worcester & The Alice Ottley School, Worcester
5359Sharnbrook Upper School and Community College, Bedford
5359Haberdashers' Aske's Sch for Girls, Borehamwood
7354The Portsmouth Grammar School, Portsmouth
8352Grantham The Walton Girls' High School, Grantham
9340St Paul's Girls' School, London
10336James Allen's Girls' School, London
11331Loreto Grammar School, Altrincham
12320Central Newcastle High School, Newcastle-upon-Tyne