ESAA Sainsbury's English Schools
Cross Country Cup 2008

Round 1 : West Midlands Results

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Junior Boys

Competition 1
127Marling School, Stroud
267King's Norton Boys' School, Birmingham
369Coppice Performing Arts School, Wolverhampton
474King Edward's School, Birmingham
577Finham Park School, Coventry
695Fairfax School, Sutton Coldfield
7108King Henry VIII, Coventry
8118The Streetly School, Sutton Coldfield
9129Hydesville Tower School, Walsall
10171Smith's Wood School, Birmingham

Inter Boys

Competition 1
131King's Norton Boys' School, Birmingham
131King Edward's School, Birmingham
356Marling School, Stroud
476Fairfax School, Sutton Coldfield
578Coppice Performing Arts School, Wolverhampton
685King Henry VIII, Coventry
798The Streetly School, Sutton Coldfield
8126St George's School, Birmingham
9142Hydesville Tower School, Walsall

Junior Girls

Competition 1
128Tile Hill Wood School and Language College, Coventry
249Rednock School, Dursley
354Edgbaston High School for Girls, Birmingham
470King Henry VIII, Coventry
572Coppice Performing Arts School, Wolverhampton
691Finham Park School, Coventry
795Fairfax School, Sutton Coldfield
8139Hydesville Tower School, Walsall
9124The Streetly School, Sutton Coldfield

Inter Girls

Competition 1
125King Henry VIII, Coventry
232Tile Hill Wood School and Language College, Coventry
349Edgbaston High School for Girls, Birmingham
472Fairfax School, Sutton Coldfield
586The Streetly School, Sutton Coldfield
695Rednock School, Dursley
7112Hydesville Tower School, Walsall