ESAA Sainsbury's English Schools
Cross Country Cup 2008

Round 1 : Avon Results

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Junior Boys

Competition 1
138St Laurence School, Bradford-on-Avon
249Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School, Wedmore
362Danesfield C of E Community Middle School, Taunton
466Monkton Combe Junior School, Bath
466Queen's College, Taunton
674Colston's Collegiate School, Bristol
795Nailsea School, Bristol

Inter Boys

Competition 1
128Nailsea School, Bristol
235Queen's College, Taunton
349Clevedon Community School, Clevedon
466Colston's Collegiate School, Bristol
587St Laurence School, Bradford-on-Avon
697King's College, Taunton

Junior Girls

Competition 1
124Queen's College, Taunton
254Colston's Collegiate School, Bristol
357Red Maids' School, Bristol
461Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School, Wedmore
566Danesfield C of E Community Middle School, Taunton
675St Laurence School, Bradford-on-Avon
7127Monkton Combe Junior School, Bath
8132St Mary's School Calne, Calne
9178Nailsea School, Bristol
10217Redland High School, Bristol

Inter Girls

Competition 1
126Queen's College, Taunton
247St Laurence School, Bradford-on-Avon
353King's College, Taunton
457The West Somerset Community College, Minehead
572St Mary's School Calne, Calne
692Nailsea School, Bristol
795Clevedon Community School, Clevedon
8131Colston's Collegiate School, Bristol
9165Red Maids' School, Bristol