ESAA Sainsbury's
Track & Field Cup 2007

Round 1 : Staffordshire Results

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Junior Boys

Competition 1
1326The Friary School, Lichfield
2280Chase Terrace Technology College, Burntwood
3275Hagley Park Sports College, Rugeley
4252Newcastle-under-Lyme School, Newcastle-under-Lyme
5162Cannock Chase High School, Cannock
6158Kingsmead Technology College, Cannock
7151Cheslyn Hay Sport and Community High School, Walsall
8138Blake Valley Technology College, Cannock

Inter Boys

Competition 1
1280Hagley Park Sports College, Rugeley
2257Newcastle-under-Lyme School, Newcastle-under-Lyme
3254The Friary School, Lichfield
4233Chase Terrace Technology College, Burntwood
5198Cheslyn Hay Sport and Community High School, Walsall
6140Kingsmead Technology College, Cannock
766Cannock Chase High School, Cannock

Junior Girls

Competition 1
1261Newcastle-under-Lyme School, Newcastle-under-Lyme
2259Chase Terrace Technology College, Burntwood
3214The Friary School, Lichfield
4179Blake Valley Technology College, Cannock
5178Hagley Park Sports College, Rugeley
6135Kingsmead Technology College, Cannock
7133Cheslyn Hay Sport and Community High School, Walsall
855Cannock Chase High School, Cannock

Inter Girls

Competition 1
1248Newcastle-under-Lyme School, Newcastle-under-Lyme
2173The Friary School, Lichfield
3170Hagley Park Sports College, Rugeley
4152Chase Terrace Technology College, Burntwood
5147Kingsmead Technology College, Cannock
6144Cheslyn Hay Sport and Community High School, Walsall
745Cannock Chase High School, Cannock