ESAA Sainsbury's
Track & Field Cup 2007

Round 1 : Oxfordshire Results

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Junior Boys

Competition 1
1339Abingdon School, Abingdon
2264John Mason School, Abingdon
3249Wallingford School, Wallingford
4230St Birinus School, Didcot
5227Wheatley Park School, Oxford
6169Lord Williams's School, Thame
7168King Alfred's Community and Sports College, Wantage
Competition 2
1164Bicester Community College, Bicester
2163Blessed George Napier, Banbury
3162Gosford Hill School, Kidlington
4118The Cooper School, Bicester

Inter Boys

Competition 1
1325Abingdon School, Abingdon
2252Wallingford School, Wallingford
3248St Birinus School, Didcot
4229John Mason School, Abingdon
5187Lord Williams's School, Thame
6182Wheatley Park School, Oxford
7178King Alfred's Community and Sports College, Wantage
Competition 2
1291The Cooper School, Bicester
2225Blessed George Napier, Banbury
3198Gosford Hill School, Kidlington
4178Bicester Community College, Bicester
586Drayton School, Banbury

Junior Girls

Competition 1
1241Headington School, Oxford
2226Cranford House School, Wallingford
3224Wallingford School, Wallingford
4208King Alfred's Community and Sports College, Wantage
5196Lord Williams's School, Thame
6163John Mason School, Abingdon
7139Wheatley Park School, Oxford
Competition 2
1284Oxford High School GDST, Oxford
2207Tudor Hall School, Banbury
3202Gosford Hill School, Kidlington
4144Bicester Community College, Bicester
5131Blessed George Napier, Banbury
6109The Cooper School, Bicester

Inter Girls

Competition 1
1258Lord Williams's School, Thame
2246Headington School, Oxford
3186John Mason School, Abingdon
4177Wallingford School, Wallingford
5164Cranford House School, Wallingford
6126Wheatley Park School, Oxford
7122King Alfred's Community and Sports College, Wantage
Competition 2
1288Oxford High School GDST, Oxford
2214Tudor Hall School, Banbury
3139Gosford Hill School, Kidlington
4119Blessed George Napier, Banbury
5108Bicester Community College, Bicester
693The Cooper School, Bicester