ESAA Sainsbury's English Schools
Track & Field Cup 2007

Round 2 : Midlands Results

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Junior Boys

Competition 1
1458Northampton School for Boys, Northampton
2448King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys, Birmingham
3431Aston Manor School, Birmingham
4397Abingdon School, Abingdon
5396Bromsgrove Preparatory School, Bromsgrove
6395Kenilworth School and Sports College, Kenilworth
7339Baverstock Foundation School, Birmingham
8286The Friary School, Lichfield
Competition 2
1434Fairfax School, Sutton Coldfield
2380Arden School, Solihull
3373Brockington College, Leicester
4346King Edward VI Aston School, Birmingham
5333King Henry VIII, Coventry
6320Loughborough Grammar School, Loughborough
7315Bablake School, Coventry
8313Tudor Grange School, Solihull
Competition 3
1360Lawrence Sheriff School, Rugby
2355Nunnery Wood High School, Worcester
3352King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon
4343Daventry William Parker School, Daventry
5341Campion School, Northampton
6312Bredon Hill Middle School, Evesham
7244Bicester Community College, Bicester

Inter Boys

Competition 1
1473Aston Manor School, Birmingham
2462Northampton School for Boys, Northampton
3450Arden School, Solihull
3450Royal Grammar School, Worcester
5446Bromsgrove Preparatory School, Bromsgrove
6419Campion School, Northampton
7404Rugby School, Rugby
8385King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys, Birmingham
Competition 2
1441Solihull School, Solihull
2400Loughborough Grammar School, Loughborough
3394Fairfax School, Sutton Coldfield
4358Hagley Park Sports College, Rugeley
5346Malvern College, Malvern
6340King Edward VI Aston School, Birmingham
7320Tudor Grange School, Solihull
8276Bablake School, Coventry
Competition 3
1443Daventry William Parker School, Daventry
2412Prince Henry's High School, Evesham
3370Sponne School, Towcester
4365Nunnery Wood High School, Worcester
5364Abingdon School, Abingdon
6359The Cooper School, Bicester
7356King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon

Junior Girls

Competition 1
1394Kenilworth School and Sports College, Kenilworth
2374Bromsgrove Preparatory School, Bromsgrove
3371Loughborough High School, Loughborough
4333Rugby High School, Rugby
5326Campion School, Northampton
6316Tudor Grange School, Solihull
7298King Henry VIII, Coventry
8271Oxford High School GDST, Oxford
Competition 2
1327Saint Martin's, Solihull
2309Kibworth High School and Community Centre, Leicester
3296Bablake School, Coventry
4292Newcastle-under-Lyme School, Newcastle-under-Lyme
5290Tile Hill Wood School and Language College, Coventry
6268Alvechurch CofE Middle School, Birmingham
7249Aston Manor School, Birmingham
Competition 3
1329King's High School for Girls, Warwick
2327Bredon Hill Middle School, Evesham
3316Royal Grammar School, Worcester
4284Guilsborough School, Northampton
5274Headington School, Oxford
6240Chase Terrace Technology College, Burntwood
7223Sponne School, Towcester

Inter Girls

Competition 1
1327Rugby School, Rugby
2323Kenilworth School and Sports College, Kenilworth
3321Campion School, Northampton
4312Prince Henry's High School, Evesham
5306Saint Martin's, Solihull
6301Loughborough High School, Loughborough
7280Oxford High School GDST, Oxford
8267Bablake School, Coventry
Competition 2
1291Bromsgrove Preparatory School, Bromsgrove
2273King Henry VIII, Coventry
2273Arden School, Solihull
4268Newcastle-under-Lyme School, Newcastle-under-Lyme
5254Fairfax School, Sutton Coldfield
6253Kibworth High School and Community Centre, Leicester
7251Tile Hill Wood School and Language College, Coventry
Competition 3
1330Thomas Telford School, Telford
2310Lord Williams's School, Thame
2310Rugby High School, Rugby
4294King's High School for Girls, Warwick
5290Nunnery Wood High School, Worcester
6269Wellingborough School, Wellingborough
7263Sponne School, Towcester