Gateshead Stadium

Friday 7th & Saturday 8th July 2006

Preliminary information

This page will be updated regularly in the run up to the Championships - depending on how your browser is set up you may need to click your refresh button to get the latest additions.

How to get there

You can find all things to do with Gateshead from the Gateshead Council website.

Click on the map for a detailed road map of the area and directions. Enter postcode NE10 0EF as the destination to find detailed directions from your own home.

Event Locations

Because of the size of the event, it is impossible to hold all field events within the arena. Some of the long throws will be held in the lower field adjacent to the Stadium.

Timetable of Events

The timetable is now available - click the 'timetable' link in the menu on the left or click here. Please don't ask us for details of which heat anyone is in - we cannot handle thousands of queries and such requests will not be answered.

All competitors will be issued with the full printed programme which will be on sale at the Championships. It is the ESAA policy not to publish the full programme on the website - sales of programmes with the sponsors' advertising they contain are a major source of income without which the Championships could not be held.

Please see the FAQs page for further details and answers to many other Frequently Asked Questions about the Championships.

Official Accreditation

Everyone at the event must carry either an accreditation pass, or a ticket. Anyone else will be refused admission to any area. Only officially accredited persons are allowed in restricted areas. Restricted areas include the following: Athletes are not allowed in the public stand areas unless they also have paid for a ticket for that area. Parents / friends wishing to meet athletes may do so in the open ground areas. Accreditation is limited to ESAA staff and assistants, County team managers and their stewards, competing athletes, reporters from recognised press organisations, and officially appointed photographers. All others are required to buy a ticket.

Competition Rules

Please read the Competition Rules for information about weights, distances, heat and lane draws and all other things to do with the way events are run. You can find the rules from the reference section of the main menu. There are two sets of rules: General Rules for all competitions, and Rules for Track & Field Competitions, you need to read both sets.

Please see the FAQs page for further details and answers to many other Frequently Asked Questions about the Championships.

Entry List of Athletes

Every effort is made to be accurate but inevitably some mistakes occur from time to time as names are passed on via so many people before they reach us. Please check that the spelling of names is correct as this information appears in the programme, on tee-shirts, and in the results. It is now too late to include changes in the programme or on tee-shirts but they will appear correctly in the results.

If you find any error, please use the 'contact us' button on the main menu and give the correct spelling together with your County, age group, and event - corrections will be noted and our live event files will be modified accordingly, but because of the high volume of other mail we get in the run up to the Championships we don't have time to acknowledge each mail individually. You can check if your correction has been made by clicking on the links below - these files will be updated with the day's corrections each night at around midnight.

Avon,    Bedfordshire,    Berkshire,    Buckinghamshire,    Cambridgeshire,    Cheshire,    Channel Islands,    Cleveland,    Cornwall,    Cumbria,    Derbyshire,    Devon,    Dorset,    Durham,    Essex,    Gloucestershire,    Gtr Manchester,    Hampshire,    Hereford & Worcestershire,    Hertfordshire,    Humberside,    Kent,    Lancashire,    Leicestershire,    Lincolnshire,    London,    Merseyside,    Middlesex,    Northamptonshire,    Northumberland,    Norfolk,    Nottinghamshire,    North Yorkshire,    Oxfordshire,    Shropshire,    Somerset,    Staffordshire,    Suffolk,    South Yorkshire,    Surrey,    Sussex,    Warwickshire,    West Midlands,    West Yorkshire,    Wiltshire,   

Not Selected for your County team?

Over 1650 athletes are entered in the National Championships, but at least 2 or 3 times that number will probably be disappointed not to have been selected. PLEASE don't contact us to complain that you, your Bart, or your Lisa, didn't make your County team. Team selection is entirely in the hands of each County Team Manager and the ESAA has no say in how or why teams are selected as they are. Sorry...but we simply cannot respond to hundreds of e-mails - please read the FAQs page which answers all the frequently asked questions. In particular, please note that teams are strictly limited in the number of athletes they can select, and that ESAA entry standards are for guidance to team selectors - they are not trigger points for automatic selection. A full explanation of selection procedures and limitations is given in the FAQs page.

Team Travel Arrangements

The Championships are a team event, not an event for individuals. Athletes must travel with and remain with their team for the entire duration of the Championships. It is not permitted for them to travel with parents or others, nor to leave the team accommodation facilities. Athletes are under the care and control of teachers throughout the Championships.


Athlete accommodation is normally in hotels or University Halls of Residence, supervised by their team managers - the exact location will be contained in the the letter which will be sent to each team member by the County Team Manager. These facilities are not open to the general public / friends / family. Athletes must remain with their team at all times.


Tickets are required for entrance to the main arena. 'Covered' tickets give access to the main stand (overlooking the finish straight) and the lower field. 'Uncovered' tickets give access to the North, South, and East terraces, and the lower field. There are no concessionary tickets: parents, teachers, club coaches, personal coaches etc. require a valid ticket for admission.

Tickets are available from the credit card hotline 0191 490 1311 during office hours 9am-5pm. They will also be on sale on the day.

Ticket prices



Photographs of ESAA events are published in the athletics press, local media, and on this website. All ESAA photographs are taken in accordance with the guidelines relating to photos in schools published by the Information Commissioner with regard to the Data Protection Act 1998.

Photographs and videos can be taken by the public from public areas for personal use only. They may not be published in any form (including personal or club websites) without written permission from the ESAA.

Photographers at ESAA events wishing to publish photos in the media or in any other form (eg. internet websites), or wishing to use them for anything other than personal use must be officially registered and accredited by the ESAA. A list of officially accredited photographers will be published on this website shortly after the event along with their contact details.

Access to competition areas for the purpose of taking photographs is restricted to accredited photographers only.

It is not possible to prevent photographs of any particular individual from appearing in the media. If this is a problem for you, you are advised not to take part in the event. If any parent wishes a particular picture of their child appearing on this website to be removed please contact us and we will do our best to resolve any problem.