T110:00800mJunior Boys5 Heats
T210:20200mInter Boys4 Heats
T310:32800mInter Girls4 Heats
T410:48100mJunior Girls4 Heats
T511:00100mSenior Boys2 Heats
T611:0575 m HdlsJunior Girls3 HeatsBack Str
T711:08100mJunior Boys4 Heats
T811:1580m HdlsInter Girls3 HeatsBack Str
T911:20100mInter Boys6 Heats
T1011:2780m HdlsJunior Boys3 HeatsBack Str
T1111:38100mInter Girls4 Heats
T1211:50800mInter Boys4 Heats
T1312:06400mInter Boys6 Heats
T1412:24200mJunior Boys6 Heats
T1512:42200mInter Girls4 Heats
T1612:54400mJunior Boys4 Heats
T1713:06400mSenior Girls3 Heats
T1813:18800mSenior Boys3 Heats
T1913:301500mJunior Girls2 Heats
T2013:42100m HdlsInter Boys3 Heats
T2113:54110m HdlsSenior Boys3 Heats
T2214:06300mInter Girls3 Heats
T2314:15200mSenior Boys3 Heats
T2414:27800mJunior Girls3 Heats
T2514:391500mInter Boys2 Heats
T2614:511500mSenior Girls2 Heats
T2715:03300m HdlsInter Girls3 Heats
T2815:15400m HdlsSenior Girls2 Heats
T2915:23400m HdlsInter Boys2 Heats
T3015:31400m HdlsSenior Boys2 Heats
T3115:391500mInter Girls2 Heats
T3215:51400mSenior Boys2 Heats
T3315:59200mJunior Girls4 Heats
T3416:111500mJunior Boys2 Heats
T3516:24200mSenior Girls2 Heats
T3616:32800mSenior Girls2 Heats
T3716:401500mSenior Boys2 Heats
T3816:52400mInter Boys2nd Rd
T3917:04100mJunior BoysSemis
T4017:10100mJunior GirlsSemis
T4117:16200mInter GirlsSemis
T4217:22800mInter GirlsSemis
T4317:30400mJunior BoysSemis
T4417:38200mInter BoysSemis
T4517:44800mInter BoysSemis
T4617:52100mInter Boys2nd Rd
T4718:00800mJunior BoysSemis
Saturday Morning
T4810:00200mJunior GirlsSemis
T4910:06200mJunior Boys2nd Rd
T5010:15100mInter GirlsSemis
T5110:213000mInter GirlsFINAL
T5210:351500mSenior GirlsFINAL
T5310:411500m SCInter BoysFINAL
T5410:49800mSenior BoysFINAL
T5510:53800mJunior GirlsFINAL
T5610:573000mSenior GirlsFINAL
T5711:09300m HdlsInter GirlsFINAL
T5811:13400m HdlsSenior GirlsFINAL
T5911:18400mInter BoysFINAL
T6011:221500mSenior BoysFINAL
T6111:2875m HdlsJunior GirlsFINAL
T6211:3380m HdlsInter GirlsFINAL
T6311:3780m HdlsJunior BoysFINAL
T6411:411500mJunior BoysFINAL
T6511:473000mSenior BoysFINAL
T6611:574x100m RlyJunior Girls2 Heats
T6712:034x100m RlyJunior Boys4 Heats
T6812:194x100m RlyInter Girls4 Heats
T6912:314x100m RlyInter Boys5 Heats
T7012:464x100m RlySenior Girls2 Heats
T7112:564x100m RlySenior Boys2 Heats
T7213:06800mJunior BoysFINAL
T7313:10400mSenior BoysFINAL
T7413:141500mJunior GirlsFINAL
T7513:20200mInter GirlsFINAL
T7613:24400mJunior BoysFINAL
T7713:28200mInter BoysFINAL
T7813:32100mJunior GirlsFINAL
T7913:353000mInter BoysFINAL
Saturday Afternoon
T8014:40400m HdlsInter BoysFINAL
T8114:46400m HdlsSenior BoysFINAL
T8214:52800mInter GirlsFINAL
T8314:56100mJunior BoysFINAL
T8414:59100mInter GirlsFINAL
T8515:03800mSenior GirlsFINAL
T8615:08200mJunior GirlsFINAL
T8715:111500mInter BoysFINAL
T8815:17200mSenior BoysFINAL
T8915:221500mInter GirlsFINAL
T9015:29100mInter BoysFINAL
T9115:33100mSenior GirlsFINAL
T9215:37100mSenior BoysFINAL
T9315:41800mInter BoysFINAL
T9415:45200mSenior GirlsFINAL
T9515:49200mJunior BoysFINAL
T9615:53300mInter GirlsFINAL
T9715:58100m HdlsSenior GirlsFINAL
T9816:02100m HdlsInter BoysFINAL
T9916:06110m HdlsSenior BoysFINAL
T10016:10400mSenior GirlsFINAL
T10116:142000m SCSenior BoysFINAL
T10216:244x100m RlyJunior GirlsFINAL
T10316:284x100m RlyJunior BoysFINAL
T10416:324x100m RlyInter GirlsFINAL
T10516:364x100m RlyInter BoysFINAL
T10616:404x100m Rly Senior GirlsFINAL
T10716:454x100m RlySenior BoysFINAL
Field Events - Friday
Note: the field events that are marked as 'Mansfield' will take place at the Berry Hill Stadium.

Athletes will be marshalled as normal at Nottingham and will then go by coach [25mins], with the officials, to compete at the Mansfield facility. Presentations will be back at Harvey Hadden as usual.

The coach transport will only be for competitors and officials, and perhaps for accredited team mangers if there is room.

Spectators will have to travel under their own transport - there is free parking at Mansfield.

Maps to Mansfield are available by clicking the following links courtesy of Multimap.com. You can use the navigation buttons on the left of the displayed images to zoom in or out and to toggle between photos and maps. The track is at the centre of the red circle....brilliant, totally free, and a big thank you to Multimap.com!

Please print a copy of these maps before you leave if you wish to view the events at Mansfield.

view aerial photo of the Mansfield Track at Berry Hill
map to Mansfield Berry Hill Stadium

note that although some long jumps are here, please don' t be put off by the very large sandpit marked on the map!

NoTimeEventAge groupPlaceNumber of
F0110.00High JumpJun BoysNottingham15HJ1
F0210.00Pole VaultJun BoysNottingham10PV1
F0310.00ShotJun BoysNottingham21S1
F0410.00DiscusInt. GirlsNottingham19D1
F0510.00JavelinInt. BoysNottingham13J1
F0610.00HammerSen. BoysNottingham12H1
F0710.30High JumpInt. BoysMansfield17HJ2
F0810.30Long JumpJun BoysMansfield25LJ3
F0910.30Long JumpJun GirlsMansfield20LJ4
F1010.30JavelinJun BoysMansfield17J2
F1111.45JavelinSen. BoysNottingham11J1
F1212.00DiscusSen. GirlsNottingham8D1
F1312.45Long JumpInt. GirlsMansfield17LJ4
F1413.00ShotJun GirlsNottingham21S1
F1513.15High JumpSen. BoysMansfield13HJ2
F1613.30JavelinSen. GirlsNottingham8J1
F1714.00High JumpJun GirlsNottingham20HJ1
F1814.00Pole VaultSen. GirlsNottingham5PV1
F1914.00DiscusJun BoysNottingham23D1
F2014.00JavelinJun GirlsMansfield9J2
F2114.00HammerInt. BoysNottingham11H1
F2214.30Triple JumpInt. GirlsNottingham19TJ1
F2315.00Shot Int. BoysNottingham27S1
F2415.45High JumpSen. GirlsMansfield10HJ2
F2515.45Triple JumpJun BoysMansfield19TJ3
F2615.45JavelinInt. GirlsMansfield11J2
F2716.15Triple JumpInt. BoysNottingham22TJ1
F2816.30DiscusSen. BoysNottingham8D1
Field Events - Saturday
NoTimeEventAge groupPlaceNumber of
F29 10.00Long JumpInt. BoysNottingham26LJ1
F3010.00Long JumpSen. GirlsNottingham12LJ2
F3110.00High JumpInt. GirlsNottingham22HJ1
F3210.00Pole VaultInt. BoysNottingham9PV1
F3310.00ShotInt. GirlsNottingham19S1
F3410.00DiscusInt. BoysNottingham20D1
F3510.00HammerSen. GirlsNottingham10H1
F3611.45Long JumpSen. BoysNottingham14LJ2
F3712.00ShotSen. BoysNottingham9S1
F3814.45Triple JumpSen. BoysNottingham10TJ2
F3914.45Triple JumpSen. GirlsNottingham16TJ1
F4014.45Pole VaultSen. BoysNottingham4PV1
F4114.45ShotSen. GirlsNottingham6S1
F4214.45DiscusJun GirlsNottingham21D1
F4314.45HammerJun BoysNottingham17H1