English Schools Athletics Association

Harvey Haddon Stadium


12th & 13th July 2002

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Tickets are currently only available from Wayahead
Telephone 0871 2200260
All Grandstand tickets are now sold, there may be a limited number of returned tickets available early on each day. Ground tickets are still available.
Tickets can also be purchased at the ground each day, subject to availability.

Ticket prices

Friday 12th JulySaturday 13th July
Adult stand1214
Concession stand67
Adult ground911
Concession ground45
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Note that the Wayahead booking service gives the impression that there are no seats available in the General Admission category. This is technically correct, since all the seats are in the Grandstand Area, however it doesn't mean that tickets are not available for General Admission, so please continue to book. If you need a seat, please book them in the Grandstand Area.
Concessions are senior citizens and children from 5 to 16 years.
Accompanied children under 5 - free entry into grounds, ie all seats to be paid for.