King Henry VIII School Cross Country Relay

The King Henry VIII School Cross-Country Relay took place in the Memorial Park, Coventry on Wednesday January 31st, 2001.


1St Albans School72.30King Henry VIII Cup
2Sedbergh College74.30JB Vent Cup
3Winchester College74.46LJ Wrench Cup
4St Anselm's College74.48Matthew Lee Cup
5Giggleswick School76.14
6Judd School76.35
7Welbeck College76.34
8RGS Worcester77.01
9Royal Hospital School77.09
10Shrewsbury School77.17
11Wright Robinson College77.34
12Loughborough GS77.52
13St Cuthbert's HS78.16
14Bradford GS79.03
15Millfield School79.19
16Manchester GS79.28
17Nottingham HS79.33
18QEGS Penrith79.38
19Haberdashers' Aske's79.52
20Ipswich School80.01
21Verulam School80.16
22Woodlands School80.18
23King Henry VIII School80.19
24Mosslands HS80.20
25Bishop Vesey's GS80.23
26John Fisher School80.27
27Marling School81.01
28Stowe School81.40
29Solihull School81.40
30St Aloysius College82.51
31Uppingham School83.05
32KES Birmingham83.07
33Crompton House School83.08
34Dr Challoner's GS83.21
35RGS Newcastle83.26
36Warwick School83.31
37Wellington College83.36
38Stonyhurst College84.06
39Eltham College84.42
40Bromsgrove School85.15
41Highgate School85.52
42Tiffin School86.36

Fastest Laps

Stephen MurphySt Albans11.00
Tom BedfordSt Albans11.28
Tom SharlandIpswich11.31


1QEGS Penrith60.10
2Alice Otley School60.44
3St Albans Girls School61.02
4Millfield School62.39
5Welbeck College63.01
6King Henry VIII School64.11
7Royal Hospital School64.53
8Crompton House School 64.54
9Uppingham School65.32
10St Aloysius College66.00
11Bromsgrove School67.01
12Alice Ottley 'B'68.56
13Crompton House 'B'69.04
14King Henry VIII 'B'69.18
15Stowe School72.55
16Millfield School 'B'dnf

Fastest Laps

1Jade WrightSt Albans Girls14.07
2Jemma SimpsonMillfield14.14
3Charlotte DouglasQEGS Penrith14.21