ESAA 26th Race Walk Championships

The Embankment Athletics Track, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th September 1999

Junior Boys - 3k

1J DaviesSussex13:58.21
2L FinchLeicestershire15:04.40
3P GrahamSuffolk15:39.75
4S WhorlowKent16:42.82
5O FernandezEssex17:41.56
6L PearsonE Yorks N Lincs17:54.03
7H ToulsonSomerset18:42.66
8E CoombesSomerset19:42.82
9M SmulinskiLeicestershire20:29.40
10S WilsonSomerset20:40.97

Intermediate Boys - 5k

1L FinchLeicestershire22:19.11
2Do KingEssex22:50.51
3A ParkerWest Midlands23:32.61
4Da KingEssex24:49.22
5A BallWest Midlands26:12.19
6S AdamsSouth Yorks28:31.16
7M LongstaffE Yorks N Lincs30:21.28
8M CotteySomerset33:10.66
9R ParsonsSomerset33:21.16

Senior Boys - 5k

1N AdamsSouth Yorks23:41.00
2N WhorlowKent26:13.06
3M McGrathE Yorks N Lincs33:17.14

Junior Girls - 3k

1S HalesSussex15:25.06
2N GeensWest Midlands16:02.06
3N ReynoldsWest Midlands16:47.64
4N FoxKent17:11.14
5B ChrismasE Yorks N Lincs18:05.65
6K StongE Yorks N Lincs18:29.32
7R CunninghamKent18:29.34
8H DykeWest Midlands18:47.70
9S YoungSussex19:34.14
10R WoolleyLeicestershire19:48.31
11K HarkinE Yorks N Lincs19:51.56
12D SaxbyE Yorks N Lincs20:29.66

Intermediate Girls - 3k

1N PhillipsKent14:58.96
2K MannWest Midlands15:34.36
3L FryerKent15:34.53
4N EvansWest Midlands15:47.61
5V StainburnWest Yorks16:02.18
6C ReevesKent16:04.64
7E FrostSouth Yorks17:23.70
8S JonesWest Midlands17:38.07

Senior Girls - 5k

1L RichmondWest Midlands28:21.95
2S CampbellKent32:46.58