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T&F Championships

Results for the Track & Field Championships are now online. All field cards are also now available to view. Click the Track & Field picture box.

T&F Cup Results

Results from the 1st round of the Track & Field Cup are beginning to be uploaded as competitions are completed. Click the Track Field Cup picture box, then Results Index.

Cross Country Cup Entries

Entries for the 2018 Cross Country Cup are now open and will close on 15th June. Click the Cross Country Cup picture box.

ISF XC Results

Results from the ISF Cross Country in Paris are online. Click the International picture box.

Facebook and Data Protection

Recently if you've followed the news about Facebook, you should be slightly more aware of the dangers of children, teachers, and 'officials' giving all sorts of personal details to random companies online to do anything they like with it.

If you use services like Faceboook, and/or any other social media site, you MUST only disclose data on those sites that BELONG TO YOU. You MUST NOT disclose any data relating to other people that are not YOU!

For instance, you might come across a website that asks you to give details of all your training partners, or who are your immediate rivals. You CANNOT do that. That data isn't yours to give. It is the personal data of others.

Sites like Facebook and others provide facilities to tag images of people to identify who they are - you CANNOT DO THAT under the law, YOU MUST NOT DO THAT. Everyone has a right to privacy, it is unlawful to publish other peoples' data online without their consent.

This year, major changes to the regulations relating to data protection come into force in May, everyone should already comply with these regulations by now, but there are way too many people who don't.

Please read a comprehensive guide to the new regulations relating to data protection which has been written by the ESAA website host Joe Lee. The new regulations have extremely important new rules relating to people building profiles of children, which is exactly what sites like Facebook are doing - they cannot continue to do this, and YOU CANNOT give other peoples' data to them. Find further details at:

guide to the GDPR

Cross Country Championships

Results are now online, click the Cross Country picture box.

Track & Field Cup Entries

Entries for the T&F Cup are now closed.

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 Recent Events

This box will be used to show what has been going on recently and what you've missed.

Jean Humbert World Cup

Results of the Jean Humbert Schools World Cup Track & Field Competition are available. ESAA Schools are World Champions! Click the International picture box.

SIAB T&F International

Results of the Home Countries International Track & Field Competition are available. Click the International picture box.

Track & Field National Championships

Results of the Track & Field Championships are available - click the Track & Field picture box.

Combined Events International

Results of the CE International in Glasgow are available - click the International picture box.

New Awards Scheme

Our new awards scheme is now available online. Click the Awards Scheme box. Packs including large glossy posters were posted to all schools during the first two weeks of May.

You can now order and pay for badges online.

There is now an award scheme calculator available online which will make it so much easier for you to manage your classes.