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Track & Field Cup Entries

Entries for the 2020 Schools Track & Field Cup competition are now open and will close on 28th February. Teachers: click the Track & Field Cup picture box then Online Entry Form to enter you school teams.

Cross Country Cup Final

Congratulations to Dr. Challoner's Grammar School who won the Junior Boys race and Dr. Challoner's High School who won the Inter Girls race with just 34 points. The Coopers' Company and Coborn School also did very well, finishing 2nd in both the Girls races.

The first three teams in the Junior Boys race were separated by just 6 points. Guildford High School Junior Girls won with 31 points, finishing all 4 counters in the first 12.

Click the Cross Country Cup picture box then Results Index to view all the results.

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 Recent Events

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Combined Events & Walks

All results of the CE and Walks finals are now online. Click the Combined Events & Walks picture box.

Track & Field Championships

All result are now online in various formats, together with images of all the field cards. Click the Track & Field picture box.

Track & Field Cup Final

The Cup Final results are now online. Click the Track & Field Cup picture box then Results Index.

Cross Country Championships

All results of the XC Championships at Leeds on 16th March are now online. Click the 'Cross Country' picture box.